Oasis Announces New Child & Adolescent Team

Oasis Mental Health recently launched a dedicated Child & Adolescent Team to better serve the unique needs of our younger patients and their families. Team Coordinator Gwen Condon earned her master’s in counseling from Johns Hopkins University and has been a licensed clinical professional counselor for more than 10 years. We caught up with her recently to ask a few questions.

Q. What is unique about children’s mental health?
“Because their brains and bodies are developing, children and adolescents have much different social, cognitive and emotional needs than adults. Treatment approaches are dependent on the developmental stage that they are in. One of the best things about working with children and adolescents is that you can work with their parents and the school to assess them more accurately and to ensure that their needs are being met.”

Q. How does Oasis’ new Child & Adolescent Team work to improve patient care?
“Team members meet regularly to discuss child and adolescent resources, diagnostic concerns and treatment options. At Oasis, we recognized a huge need in the community for longer-term care for children and adolescents.  Even though Oasis continues to primarily be a short-term outpatient center, for children and teens who have the need, we are now able to provide them with better continuity of care by continuing their treatment at Oasis rather than transferring their care outside of Oasis.”

Q. What do you enjoy doing outside Oasis?
“I enjoy spending time with my family, preferably on a beach!”

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