Thanksgiving is practically here. The holiday rush is on. People are running around to prepare for family gatherings near and far. But, what will Thanksgiving look like for you? Will you be with family, with friends, or alone?  There is a lot of pressure on people to have a Thanksgiving that looks a lot like a “Norman Rockwell Family Thanksgiving.”

Expectations can certainly have an affect on how people feel going into the holiday season.  Men and women express anxiety or depression after the holidays because they expected too much out of the season.  The holidays are stressful by nature because they can require that we spend time with some people we like – even some we may not. To add to feelings of disappointment, we may end up eating or drinking too much!

Also, while some of us may be lucky and have a family we look forward to spending time with during this festive time of year, others might experience a family gathering that restarts old hurts or family disputes. Some may not have a place to be for the holidays, so it is painful when people ask, “what are you doing for Thanksgiving?”

Thanksgiving and other holidays will be more satisfying if we make a conscious effort to minimize those things that stress or frustrate us.  How can we do this? Here are a few tips:

  • Temper your holiday expectations
  • Practice gratitude for what you have and who you have in your life
  • Limit the amount of time you spend with people that are difficult or unpleasant
  • Try to get plenty of sleep…taking the time to rest and regenerate help both our physical and mental health
  • Make conscious decisions regarding what and how much you eat and drink
  • Plan something during the holiday season that you will look forward to doing

…Happy Thanksgiving!

— Kathy Miller, Owner

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