Healthy Family Living

Healthy Family LivingThis year at Oasis, we are hoping to share with you different ways that contribute to healthy family living. Now that spring is here, we tend to be reminded of rebirth and renewal. This is a great time, then, to start thinking of how we can do a “refresh” of our own lives and those of our family units.

To kick off this family-focused series, let’s take a look at what are some of the characteristics of a healthy family. If we take a moment to step back and analyze what our own family life feels like, then we can take steps to improve it – especially if we find that it is not as healthy as it should be.

Are you ready to take a look at how we can help each family member grow? What about how can we make each family member feel like a healthy and happy part of the group?

Healthy families share certain traits in common. These traits can be outlined as follow:

  1. Members of the family feel a commitment to one another. They support each other in reaching goals, as well as dealing with disappointments or crises.
  2. The family makes sure they spend time with one another to strengthen the bond between them.
  3. Communication among the members is honest and open; and, differing opinions are also allowed.
  4. Families are able to affirm who they are and encourage each person to feel comfortable [“free to be human”] in this relationship. This reinforces the sense of security and safety within the family.
  5. Members of a healthy family are unconditionally loved.

While these are a handful of positive and nurturing ways toward improving our daily family lives, the key is to take the time to periodically assess and make the appropriate changes in our lives in order to attain that healthy family life.

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