Love and affection

Love and affection

Every year on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. We think of people in love…we give and receive gifts that show our affection for loved ones. But, have we ever stopped to think what exactly is the difference between love and affection? offers the following: “Attraction is the temporary love, but love is the permanent attraction. Feeling attached to someone does not mean you are in love with that person. You are feeling this because you don’t see any difference between the attraction and love.”

All of us have a need to belong, to be loved, and to be cared about. In the pursuit of belonging, we sometimes will attach to a person that is not able to provide what we need. We then get hurt, angry, and disappointed when the love is not reciprocated or feels conditional.

To be loved and to be cared about means the person we want to love us back must be a “whole” person and, therefore, able to give and receive love. When the person we are in love with returns the love in an unconditional way — and they are able to receive our healthy love and affection back — it becomes a satisfying and joyful relationship.

So Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder for us to love ourselves wholly so we can receive love from another.

  • It helps us put others first in terms of their feelings, and not just our own.
  • It requires that we think beyond our own needs and wants.
  • When it is healthy, it can be reassuring during stressful times.
  • It is a reminder that we are important and that we belong.

Let someone know that you care about them now.

— Kathy Miller, Owner

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