Tips for managing coronavirus-related stress

Last week, we shared a few resources to assist those dealing with anxiety brought on by coronavirus (COVID-19) news and lifestyle changes. Now, as many of us begin the second straight week of social distancing, we know there is an even greater need for meditative ideas and tips for preserving one’s emotional well-being  during this extremely turbulent time.anxiety and coronavirus

The following are a collection of mindfulness exercises from around the internet to consider trying if you are struggling with increasing stress and anxiety from current events around the world.

​​1. Be mindful of time spent reading news and scanning social media.

This is a particularly challenging one for many, especially since many of us are self-isolating and are unsure of what to do with our time. However, see if you can draw increased mindfulness to your time spent online. Take mini pauses to inquire: Is what I am engaging with fueling fear or peace?

​2. ​Consider ways of supporting your community connection.

One thing we can be thankful for during this difficult time is the diversity of ways we can connect with others (yes, the internet and associated technologies are a double-edged sword). Check in with your friends and family members via phone or video calls. Have virtual dinner dates with those you care about. In addition, you can scope out an online community that will support your sense of connection and togetherness at this time.

​3. ​Self-inquire: What opportunities might this time be presenting?

As we all have additional quiet time at home these days, consider what buried passions or curiosities might yearn to be explored. This is a great time for at-home learning, creative expression, and mindful contemplation. Consider any online courses, books, or other resources that can support you.

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More resources and exercises to practice mindfulness during COVID-19

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