Resources for keeping mindfulness during COVID-19

How to keep Mindfulness:

While we are all still seeking safety inside our houses during these next few months of social distancing, online schooling, and working from home, this article has great tips for keeping a healthy mindset inside the house. With mindful practices and healthy coping skills, this article also holds links to resources surrounding living through this pandemic. Find it here.

Parenting: How to keep anger and frustration controlled and not on your kids:

This link is relatable in various scenarios you are likely to get aggravated with your children and gives a child’s perspective on the scenario. Emotions are high during COVID-19 and this is a great read for how to keep mindfulness in the household by maintaining your cool with your kids while under stress. Click here to read more.

Resources, tips, and advice to support learning at home for all age groups:

Strategies for learning at home for every age group are included, from preschool to college students. Tips on how to structure the day, what skills they should be learning, and how to handle virtual learning as a whole for each age. Click here to learn more.

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