Missed appointment fees for 2021

Please note: We currently have a list of people in need of urgent appointments.

Your appointment time is reserved for you alone. Please be courteous, and when at all possible, provide as much notice as you can for canceling or scheduling so that we may offer your time to another patient in need. If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, we ask that you provide notice of at least 24 hours so that we may offer someone else in need your appointment time. Should you have a late cancellation, no show, or late arrival for your appointment, this will be considered a missed appointment.

We define a missed appointment in the following ways:

Same-Day or Late Cancellation: Notice of fewer than 24 hours of your inability to attend a scheduled appointment.

No Show: Failure to provide any notice of your inability to attend the appointment prior to the appointment time.

Late Arrival: Arrival of 10 minutes or later

We use the following guideline in cases of missed appointments:

New Patient: If you do not show up for your first scheduled appointment with no notification, you will be placed at end of the current waitlist and receive a $25 charge. We will not reschedule anyone missing more than one initial appointment.

First Missed Appointment: As an established patient of the practice, we will only grant exemptions to the First Missed Appointment fee on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office and speak directly with a patient specialist for more information.  

Note: This is a reminder that insurance companies will not pay for missed appointment fees, and you acknowledge that any fee incurred due to a missed appointment will be your responsibility. Exclusions for serious emergencies or sudden illnesses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The death of a family member, natural disaster, accident, weather conditions, or severe illness of a family member living at the home, all qualify as emergencies.

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