Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Month

July is, once again, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Month. Every year, this month addresses the mental health needs of those within the BIPOC community. This year’s theme is  “strength in communities.”

Last year, BLM protests spread across the globe, gauging even more awareness of persistent and systemic racial issues than ever before. Communities worldwide were educating themselves on topics surrounding racism, privilege and how to make a difference. “Strength in communities” represents the community-developed systems that were created to give BIPOC resources that do not overlook cultural and historical factors that former systems have done. These systems include community care, self-directed care and cultural care.

In all, 2.6 million people completed a mental health screen for Mental Health from January to December 2020. In regards to anxiety, these screens showed that rates of moderate to severe anxiety were much higher for every single race/ethnicity compared to 2019 screens.

The amount of people with the highest rates of moderate to severe symptoms of depression were those who identified with more than one race. Black or African American screeners who were positive for a mental health condition were most likely to say racism was a top concern.

Racism continues to have a major effect on BIPOC mental health. As light continues to shine on these issues, more resources and support are available for BIPOC struggling with mental health conditions. Oasis Mental Health welcomes and supports anyone who needs it.


Here is a list of additional resources for BIPOC:

  • Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM)
  • The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation
  • Therapy for Black Girls
  • The Loveland Foundation: financial assistance to Black women & girls seeking therapy
  • Therapy for Black Men
  • Black and African American LGBTQ Youth Report
  • National Black Nurses Association
  • National Medical Association
  • Lee Thompson Young Foundation


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