Our History

Oasis began its 9th year the first weekend in February 2013. It was taking several weeks for patients to be seen by a psychiatrist, adding to the increase in symptoms and severity. Our belief is patients with mental health concerns should have access to quality care quickly, just as patients do with strictly medical concerns.

Before Oasis opened its doors, it was 2 years in the making. Oasis began with a board made up of community activists, experts in mental health, and consumers. Our goal was to have a clinic open after work hours and on weekends so patients had easy access to excellent treatment. This has developed into the care we offer today to adults, adolescents and children in a warm, caring environment. We have expanded our hours to include day as well as evening hours.

Before Oasis, patients who did not have an MD or therapist for treatment of mental health problems would be seen in the emergency room of the hospital. This is not a very comfortable environment to be treated for mental health. Also, many emergency rooms do not have the staff to begin medications to treat mental health issues. Many of our patients are referred by primary care, pediatrics, hospitals, and other professional in the community.