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What to expect during your first visit? 

During your first visit you will probably have a psychiatric evaluation which will take approximately one hour. The psychiatrist or therapist will get a history and pertinent information on what has brought you to Oasis. There will be questions about your current symptoms and a treatment plan will begin to be put in place.  Based on your answers to the questions, the MD or therapist will render a diagnosis and begin treatment. If this is an initial evaluation for medication, the MD will discuss his or her recommendations for medication and go over potential side effects. You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the treatment and the medication during this session. 

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Will I receive medication at my first appointment with the MD or NP?

If the physician has determined medication will help with your symptoms you will be given a prescription at this appointment. If the MD must await test results, the medication may be delayed until the results are in your chart.

Will I see the same MD each time I come to Oasis for medication checks?

Yes, you will continue to see the same MD or NP each time, unless he/she is out on vacation or sickness. You would then see the MD that is covering for your doctor. All the information on your medication is in the chart, making it easy for the MD that is covering to continue the treatment plan.

Will I continue to see the same therapist each time I come for therapy?

Yes, you will have the same therapist for the whole time you are treated at Oasis.

Will my primary care doctor receive information regarding my treatment at Oasis? 

Yes, with your signed permission, we send information to your primary care physician or pediatrician regarding your treatment, diagnosis, and medication. Upon discharge, we will inform your MD who is your new provider.