Las Vegas Shooting – Thoughts from an 18 Year Old

While I was deeply saddened by the events that unfolded in Las Vegas, it was not a shock to me that the shooting happened. Unfortunately, my generation has grown up in a time when mass shootings are a common occurrence. I find it rather frustrating that no action has been taken to toughen gun control policies despite all of the terrible shootings that have occurred in recent years. It feels as if our government is not responding effectively to a growing crisis in the country. I hope that in the future, the occurrence of preventable disasters will be followed by comprehensive changes which aim to stop the same things from occurring again.

When I lived in India, I was exposed almost every day to severe levels of poverty and human misery. In the face of such horrible conditions, it was easy to develop feelings of utter helplessness to change the things happening in the world around me. I found it helpful to engage in charitable work in the local community. It gave me a way to act as a force of good and feel that I was helping to make the world a better place. I think that after tragedies like Las Vegas, we can all find solace in helping improve the world in whatever way we can. By coming together and helping one another, we can find hope in the wake of this devastating massacre.

Trevor Schweitzer Stern

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