Refer a Patient

Are you concerned about someone’s mental health? Help them getting on the road to recovery. Refer them to Oasis: The Center for Mental Health. Appointments are usually available within 48 hours.

Families and Self

Any one that believes they could benefit from treatment at our center can make an appointment. Typically the referral to Oasis is from a hospital or a primary care physician or other professional in the community. However, a family member can refer a patient or self refer.

Medical Practitioners

The referral from the primary care physician can come one of two ways. The PCP can give the patient a referral and requests they call OASIS and set up the appointment. Another option is the PCP can call OASIS and make the appointment for the patient. If you have questions about the appropriateness of the referral, please call and talk with the practice administrator.


Employees can be referred for treatment at Oasis.  Our staff can also schedule for testing if that is needed.


Frequently students are referred by guidance staff at schools for evaluations, therapy or medication.  The guidance staff can recommend to the parents that the student be seen and treated at Oasis, or the staff member can make the referral.  We cannot treat a student without the permission of the parent.  Please feel free to contact us for further information about our services.