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Book a virtual appointment with a provider at Oasis

Oasis: The Center for Mental Health is now actively booking appointments for “video visits” with providers using telehealth technology to meet the demand of patients who need mental health treatment services while social distancing.  You can request an appointment online here.

Click here to download Doxyme’s easy set-up guide before your virtual appointment

Video consultations with medical professionals, also known as, “telehealth,” or “telemedicine” are not new in the healthcare marketplace. However, until recently both providers and patients vastly underutilized the available services and technology. Now, as businesses and citizens begin to exercise extreme caution to avoid further spread of COVID-19, video consultations are becoming an important and critical resource for patients with non-life-threatening health concerns.

Patients: How to prepare for a telehealth appointment with your provider

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Q. Will my insurance cover telehealth appointments?

A. Most major insurances now cover telehealth services. Call the phone number on the back of your insurance card to verify availablity within your plan

Q. How much do telehealth video visits cost?

A. Most major insurances bill the telehealth appointments just like a regular in-office visit. Again, call the number on the back of your card to verify charges with your provider.

Q. My computer doesn’t have a camera. Can I use my phone for this appointment?

A. Smartphones or tablets can be used for telehealth appointments. Learn how easy it is to set up on your computer or smart device. You must be visible to your provider for the appointment, so video camera technology is necessary

Q. Is the software safe and confidential?

A. Doxyme is secure and HIPPA-compliant. Treatment with your provider will follow the same confidentiality guidelines as a regular in-office visit.

Q. How will co-pays for telehealth appointments be collected?

A. You will be billed by our office after completion of your appointment. Oasis is also now able to accept payments online securely though our website.



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