Patient Tips for Telehealth 2020-04-07T14:43:26+00:00

How patients can prepare

To get the most out of your telehealth appointment, Patients need to ensure they are prepared. Here is a checklist of things to do before you check in:

– Test your hardware – make sure the camera and audio are working properly. Web cameras are best for quality, but a smartphone or tablet will also work. For best outcomes, have the camera positioned at eye level.

– Set up for your appointment in a quiet, comfortable and well-lit area.

-Plan to stay in one area for the duration of your appointment. Walking around makes it difficult for the provider to hear you and vice versa. Being active in a video can also cause signal interruption and be difficult to watch (think: motion sickness for the viewer)

– Have any notes or questions related to your condition and symptoms on hand.

Oasis: The Center for Mental Health providers are committed to ensuring all patients have access to the care they need during this time. Patients can schedule virtual or telephone visits by requesting an appointment online or calling the main office.

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